The future of employee benefits is connected

Streamline employer onboarding, eligibility checks, and enrollment with verified employment data. Finch makes it easy to update deductions and contributions in 200+ systems of record.

Employee benefits platforms powered by Finch


For employee benefits platforms, accessing and updating employment data can be a manual and labor-intensive process, leading to data entry errors, delayed onboarding and enrollment, and poor user experiences.


With Finch, these platforms can onboard employers faster, automate enrollment based on employee eligibility, and deliver a frictionless benefits administration experience for everyone.

Why Finch?

Make integrations your competitive advantage

Get to market faster, with lower engineering costs

Building and maintaining 1:1 integrations with every payroll and HRIS system isn’t scalable. Accelerate your integrations roadmap with our unified employment API.

Increase benefit utilization with automatic enrollment

Enroll new employees in benefits programs automatically. Leverage employment and eligibility data to simplify the onboarding process for companies and individuals.

Increase operational efficiency with our secure API

Finch helps your operations team sync customer data quickly and securely. Refresh eligibility data every 24 hours — no CSVs, flat files, or SFTP servers required.

Use Cases

Power the next generation of benefits apps with a single API

Retirement & 401k

Pull verified employment data from your sponsors' payroll systems and update contributions and deductions on their behalf.

  • Streamline sponsor onboarding and administration
  • Auto-enroll employees into retirement plans based on eligibility
  • Save time and engineering resources required to support new integrations

Benefits Administration

Read payroll and benefits data to determine which employees are ready for enrollment, and update deductions and contributions with code.

  • Increase enrollment with a streamlined onboarding process
  • Reduce errors from manual data uploads and sharing
  • Write pre- and post-tax deductions directly to the payroll system

Financial Wellness

Help employers offer financial wellness benefits like earned wage access, budgeting tools, savings plans, pay cards and more.

  • Get notified of new employees, compensation changes, and promotions
  • Build out employee profiles with current and historical income data
  • Use individual and employment data to power KYC automation

Fringe Benefits

Help employers increase engagement and retention with fringe benefits. Use employment data to power personalized programs and insights for employees.

  • Streamline enrollment with an automated onboarding process
  • Write pre- and post-tax deductions directly to the payroll system
  • Save time and engineering resources required to support new integrations

“Finch makes our product much stickier.”

As our customers grow, Finch reduces the admin burden for them, embeds us more deeply in their operations, and generates additional per-employee-per-month fees for us. It supports our business on multiple levels.

Thomas Mirmotahari

Co-Founder & CEO


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