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Finch helps HRIS and payroll providers increase compatibility with the third-party apps their customers love. Join Gusto, UKG, and Paycor as part of our industry-leading provider network.

Fast, secure integrations with your platform

Unlock revenue by unblocking developers

Finch makes it easy for third-party applications to integrate with your platform. Discover and launch marketplace partners faster with little to no engineering work required.

Increase customer retention and LTV

Customers that leverage more than three integrations are more likely to stay with their current providers, and show higher rates of satisfaction than those without.

Lower risk and improve marketplace ROI

Discover new marketplace partners that share your customer base. We help our partners focus on signing high-value partnerships with strong revenue potential.

“Our partnership with Finch creates a new way for developers to integrate with Gusto”

Our partnership with Finch creates a new way for developers to integrate with Gusto and will help to accelerate more innovation in the HR space. By supporting more integrated experiences, we can solve real pain points for our customers, allowing them to better care for their teams.

Andy Toung

Chief Strategy Officer


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“We love that Finch helps us delight customers”

We're dedicated to partnering with top rated solutions that save our customers time, streamline their management process, and set them free to do great work. We love that Finch helps us delight customers by allowing their data to sync quickly and effortlessly across applications.

Natalie Bigney

Marketplace Manager


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“We’re thrilled to offer our customers a seamless connection to the HR tech app of their choice”

We’re very excited to partner with Finch and drive data accessibility for the high-growth companies that are using HiBob. Today’s digital workplaces require integrated applications. When systems combine, they make it easier for employees to collaborate, share information, and get great work done. The right tech can really make or break a global culture from both a business and a people perspective.

Breanne Murphy

Global Head of Partner Marketing


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“As the leader in employment data, Finch is an ideal partner.”

The integration of our platforms unlocks new value for Paycor customers, who can now securely sync their data with other systems within their tech stack. By working together, we’ve paved the way for an even better customer experience.

Tim Ruge

Senior VP, Strategic Partnerships

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“We will be able to better serve our mission to streamline people workflow”

Our new partnership with Finch promises to rapidly expand the number and range of third-party applications that function seamlessly with Personio, which will open up a world of integrative possibilities, particularly for our customers in Europe. In turn, we will be able to better serve our mission to streamline people workflow by further reducing the need for repetitive admin tasks across the employee journey.

Hugues Vincent

Head of Partnerships


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How Finch Works

Finch builds and manages secure integrations to HRIS and payroll systems. Third-party applications can then sync permissioned employment data from your platform, the source of truth.

Step 1

Finch builds an integration to your system (the provider). Organization, payroll, and deductions data can then flow through Finch.

Step 2

Third-party applications build an integration to Finch. They can then send and receive standardized data from Finch’s supported providers.

Step 3

Your customer (end user) then uses Finch Connect to grant third-party applications access to their data.

Step 4

Updates made in your system sync automatically to your customers’ chosen third-party applications. Your system remains the source of truth.

Built for the employment ecosystem

Finch collaborates with each partner to align on your specific technical requirements

Data privacy is built right in

When your customers connect their HRIS or payroll system through Finch, we work behind the scenes to protect their data. Explore our security practices to learn how we keep company and employee information secure.

Learn more about security

End-to-end data encryption

Finch utilizes best-in-class encryption protocols like TLS 1.2 and AES 256 bit encryption to keep your data safe.

Secure cloud infrastructure

Finch is hosted on industry-leading cloud infrastructure to ensure maximum performance, resilience, and speed of deployment.

Continuous monitoring protects your data

Finch's infrastructure is continuously monitored, and our 24/7 on-call team ensures all alerts are immediately acted on so your data is secure.

Global data and security compliance

Finch is SOC 2 and CCPA compliant. SOC 2 is an independent audit which details information and assurance about Finch’s controls.

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