The future of insurance is connected

HRIS and payroll integrations help insurance carriers stay up-to-date with the businesses they serve. Reduce premium leakage and unlock pay-as-you-go with Finch.


For insurance carriers, access to accurate company and employee data is crucial for underwriting policies, providing quotes, and managing claims successfully.


Finch provides real-time access to employer systems of record, so carriers can ensure demographic, employment, and income data are always fresh.


Make real-time employment data your competitive advantage

Provide faster, more accurate quoting

Pre-fill forms with employee data to reduce fraudulent data entries and form errors. Customers get a streamlined quoting experience, and carriers save on support costs.

Streamline the claims validation process

Speed up the claims process by validating employee details, like employment status, before it’s touched by operations and support teams.

Reduce premium leakage and unlock pay-as-you-go

Carriers leave premiums on the table by waiting until the end of a policy to true up payments. Adjust premiums as risk profiles change with real-time access to employee data.

Use Cases

Power the next generation of insurance apps with a single API

Workers Compensation

Use live employee data to ensure that premiums remain accurate throughout the life of each policy. Reduce premium leakage and avoid surprise bills for your clients.

  • Enable pay-as-you-go options with dynamic, risk-adjusted premiums
  • Increase premium accuracy with verified data on job title, location, and pay
  • Speed up enrollment with pre-filled applications and forms

Group and Supplemental Life

Sync data from customer HRIS and payroll systems for faster quoting, streamlined claims validation, and reduced premium leakage.

  • Eliminate errors from self-reporting and manual form submissions
  • Speed up enrollment with pre-filled applications and forms
  • Process claims faster with back-office automation


Help small businesses protect their assets, property, and income with streamlined quoting, enrollment, and claims management.

  • Pre-fill forms with company and employee data
  • Eliminate manual data uploads to alleviate administrative burden
  • Use verified company data to underwrite insurance premiums

Payroll data is a powerful tool to help verify the accuracy of insurance premiums

InsurePay’s customers greatly benefit from payroll integrations. Payroll data is a powerful tool to help verify the accuracy of insurance premiums, and Finch is a great partner to help us deliver on this.

Mike Senechal

Executive Vice President


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