Customer Story: Trainual—the scalable playbook for SMBs

May 4, 2022
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Learn more about the partnership between Finch and Trainual - and how Trainual experienced a 3,620% increase in its integration setup completion rate.

Problem: Trainual, a B2B SaaS platform that helps SMBs scale their operational processes and employee training protocols, needed a way to seamlessly onboard new customers and users without endlessly building point-to-point integrations with all the HR systems in its target market’s tech stack.

Solution: With Finch, Trainual has experienced a 3,620% increase in its integration setup completion rate, making it easier for customers to invite more users to Trainual—all while reducing development costs by 75%.

Writing the playbooks for business

When businesses come to Trainual for help, they’re usually small but growing fast, and their operational processes—scattered across Google docs and PDFs—can’t keep pace. What they’re looking for is a system to document, organize, distribute, and scale the policies, roles, how-tos, hierarchies, and responsibilities that make everything run.

Trainual serves as that single source of truth. With a Trainual account, customers have access to easy-to-follow, pre-built templates and tutorials for creating their business’s unique playbook, as well as the interface they need to share that information with their staff and ensure its consumption. Trainual’s goal? To make more businesses successful and help all the people within their customers’ organization love their job and do it effectively every day.

A classic build vs. buy debate

When a business signs up for Trainual, every employee in that organization needs to be entered into the system in order to properly map the roles, responsibilities, and SOPs that make Trainual’s playbooks so effective. Every employee is also granted access to the system so that the materials developed are always at their disposal.

In order to deliver a seamless experience, Trainual knew it had to integrate with the HR and payroll systems its customers use to manage their employee records. The alternative—asking customers to manually enter or upload individual employee data—was a nonstarter.

So, Trainual began building point-to-point integrations with individual systems as the need arose. As its tech team added more integrations, the undertaking became increasingly complicated and time-consuming, leaving them with a decision to make: Should they continue their course of building one-off integrations? Should they build an API? Or should they outsource integrations to a third-party provider?

For the fast-moving startup, the decision was clear. Trainual knew that partnering with an integrations provider would allow it to meet customers' expectations in a much shorter time frame. Finch was the solution.

The impact

With Finch’s single, universal API, Trainual immediately grew its integration coverage by 137% but only had to build to one centralized point instead of many, disparate systems, saving weeks of developer time and effort. Combined with the effects of outsourcing integration maintenance to Finch, Trainual has realized a 75% reduction in development costs.

Now, Trainual has greater alignment than ever with HR and payroll systems in the SMB space, meaning more of its customers use the systems Finch connects to. In turn, Trainual has experienced a 3,620% increase in its integration setup completion rate.

Where Finch fits in

Trainual customers feel the impact of Finch in the seamlessness of their customer journey. When they’re prompted to invite additional users into the system, they’re presented with a banner of all the different integrations Trainual supports. With Finch behind the scenes providing the rails the data travels on, Trainual customers can securely transfer their company’s employee data in two simple steps:

  1. Customers select their organization’s HR or payroll system from the options provided.
  2. They sync their organization’s system and permission the data transfer by passing their credentials through Finch's secure, compliant, and white-labeled Connect modal.

In moments, Finch authenticates the connection and Trainual can begin importing employee data—fields like name, title, role, start date, and supervisor—to set up new user accounts.

Because the data connection is continuous, Trainual can instantly onboard and offboard new and former employees as necessary, without asking customers to update their user data. It’s critical automation for a platform that prides itself on being built to scale with customers. The ease with which new user accounts can be added has also resulted in more user accounts across the board—an important metric for Trainual.

Finch removes friction and streamlines the process of onboarding our customers and setting up new employees down to a matter of seconds. We push Finch early in our customer journey, because we know that customers who take advantage of those integrations turn into our most successful accounts.

Taylor Sell, Director of Product

Beyond onboarding

In addition to seamless onboarding, Finch empowers Trainual with the data-driven visibility to make more insightful recommendations for its customers.

Based on the data we’re able to glean from integrations—industry, company size, reporting structure, titles, tenure, etc.—we can tell customers what they should be documenting and the policies and processes they should be following. It opens up a more nuanced recommendation engine for us.

Taylor Sell, Director of Product

Continual expansion

One of the most exciting and reassuring aspects of Trainual’s relationship with Finch is the proven knowledge that Finch’s coverage is ever-expanding and won’t constrain Trainual’s own growth or ability to make a sale.

As a new request for an integration comes in from one of our customers or we see a new provider that's coming up, we've had a great experience going to the Finch team and asking, Is this something that you have on your roadmap?” And so far, every single one we've recommended has been added within about a week. As people request it, Finch is adding integrations quickly.

Taylor Sell, Director of Product

Without the worry of building or maintaining its integrations, Trainual’s tech team has been able to move its focus away from how to get more users into the system toward the things that matter most: the training and documentation functions that constitute the core of Trainual’s product.

At Finch, we’re excited to support innovative platforms like Trainual. If you’re interested in exploring workforce data, enter your email address on our homepage here to get API keys today.

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97% of HR professionals say it’s important for your app to integrate with their employment systems

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