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About Factorial HR

Factorial HR is a comprehensive HR solution that provides HRIS, payroll, time management, talent management, expenses, and reporting platform to SMBs. Factorial serves employers in over 65 countries with a focus on Europe, Latin America, and the USA. Factorial is one of the fastest-growing companies in the human resources industry.

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501-1,000 employees
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How can I access the employment data in Factorial HR?

To access your customers’ employment data in Factorial HR, you have two options: 

  1. Build a custom 1:1 integration with Factorial via its public API, which enables automatic data sharing between the two apps. 
  2. Build a single integration with Finch to access the employment data housed in Factorial along with 200+ other employment systems. 

Does Factorial HR have a public API?

If you are a Factorial HR partner or customer, you can access its API. Read about Factorial’s APIs.

You must first create an account and gain access before you can start building. Typically, third-party developers must become official partners,  pass technical requirements checks, and invest in business development efforts.

How long does it take to build Factorial integration?

That largely depends on the integration method you choose. 

If you use Finch’s unified API to access the employment data in Factorial HR (alongside over 200 other HRIS and payroll systems), it can take as little as a few days. See our quickstart guide for more information.

If you instead decide to build a 1:1 integration leveraging Factorial’s public APIs, it can take weeks to months to receive your production keys.

Where can I find developer documentation and support?

If you’re building a 1:1 integration using Factorial HR’s public APIs, the company’s developer portal is the best place to start. That’s where you’ll find technical guides, API references, and the company’s FAQs. 

If you’re integrating with FactorialHR via Finch’s unified API, navigate to our API docs. There, you’ll find a product demo, a quickstart guide for developers, an integration checklist, and developer guides, along with best practices to follow.

Of course, if you have any questions, we’d be happy to help answer them. Send your requests to

When does it make sense to leverage a unified employment API?

Unified employment APIs help developers access data from payroll and HRIS systems employers use. Specifically, these APIs are useful for accessing data from a broad range of employment systems, or collecting detailed information about their customers’ payroll and benefits programs. If your use case requires integrations with three or more employment systems, a unified employment API could save you hundreds of engineering hours and developer resources. 

Through a single integration, you can connect with over 200 employment systems (including Factorial)—unlocking up to 88% of the employer market. Once authorized by the employer, you’ll receive fresh data every 24 hours. From enterprise-grade security to read and write capabilities, Finch offers compelling benefits to employer-facing businesses of all shapes and sizes. Learn more

Check out our API docs for more info

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