UKG Joins Forces with Finch to Accelerate Innovation

August 31, 2023
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Finch and UKG are partnering together to deliver a streamlined integration experience for developers looking to connect with UKG Pro® & 200+ HRIS & payroll systems.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce that Finch has joined the UKG Partner Network, which currently boasts more than 350 solution and services partners. By fostering a close relationship with UKG, Finch has again advanced its mission to empower innovators by facilitating a more open and connected global employment data ecosystem for the world’s innovators. 

Expanding their reach

As a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management solutions—one that is known for transforming businesses through innovation—UKG receives hundreds of applications from potential partners every year. 

But forming partnerships takes a considerable resource investment, both upfront and on an ongoing basis. So UKG set out to find a strategic partner who could help them expand their reach and unlock new growth by supporting the world’s innovators.

Finding a path forward with Finch

When the UKG team discovered Finch, they realized they had found a way to multiply the number of developers they served.

Finch is a unified API built for the employment ecosystem. It not only makes connecting with UKG possible, but also streamlines the integration process for developers. After building an integration with Finch and securing permission from their customers, developers can instantly access the employment data housed in UKG Pro® and UKG Ready®—alongside more than 200 other HRIS and payroll systems. 

Now that UKG has forged a partnership with Finch, UKG can continue to work with strategic partners through 1:1 integrations and enable innovative developers to build revolutionary solutions via Finch’s unified API. This new, multi-pronged approach to partnerships gives all companies, both big and small, the ability to access their customers’ employment data. 

Elevating the customer experience

With multiple ways to integrate, a larger percentage of the developer community can now connect to UKG—a fact that delights the UKG partnerships team. 

“Our partnership ecosystem helps us support our customers by providing them with seamless solutions that improve business outcomes and inspire people,” shared Mike May, vice president of technology partnerships at UKG. “Partners like Finch allow us to extend our capabilities with technology that elevates the workplace experience and meets the needs of people throughout their life work journey.”

What will you ship? 

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Learn more about our partnership with UKG on the UKG Marketplace.

This post was updated on Nov 6, 2023 to reflect support for Finch's integration with UKG Ready®.

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97% of HR professionals say it’s important for your app to integrate with their employment systems

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