Finch Announces New Personio Partnership

May 4, 2023
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Our new pre-built integration with Personio simiplies your customers’ access to employment data.

Finch and Personio are working together to power the next wave of innovation with real-time employment data. 

Together, we’re making it easier than ever for innovators to build incredible, integrated experiences.

Our goal is to unify the employment data ecosystem by providing access to hundreds of HR and payroll systems with a single, streamlined integration. One way we do that is through partnerships, which allow us to revolutionize how B2B innovators leverage the power of employment data to build next-generation solutions for employers.

Today, we’re excited to announce our new strategic partnership with Personio

Personio: all-in-one HR software

Personio is the people operating system that automates and simplifies HR tasks, from recruiting to offboarding, within a single solution. Personio alleviates employers’ administrative burdens, so they have time for more strategic work and can focus on what really matters: people.

To provide employers with the best possible experience and the widest breadth of choice when it comes to customizing their tech stack, Personio integrates with 150 business systems (and counting), including applicant tracking, time management, benefits, compensation, learning and development, and performance management solutions. In turn, Personio customers can quickly and seamlessly connect the apps they use every day to their Personio account, ensuring their Personio data syncs across systems and giving them back their valuable time. 

By partnering with Finch, Personio is taking its commitment to integrated experiences and employer choice to the next level by making it easier than ever for third-party developers to integrate with its API.

“Our new partnership with Finch promises to rapidly expand the number and range of third-party applications that function seamlessly with Personio, which will open up a world of integrative possibilities, particularly for our customers in Europe. In turn, we will be able to better serve our mission to streamline people workflow by further reducing the need for repetitive admin tasks across the employee journey.” 

Hugues Vincent, Head of Partnerships at Personio

What our partnership means for the future

Together, Finch and Personio aren’t just making people operations better and easier for Personio customers; we’re helping to address a much larger and far-reaching problem: the inaccessibility of business-critical employment data. The reality is, employment data is dispersed and siloed across thousands of payroll and HR systems, and that is impeding efficiency and software functionality across the business landscape.

Meanwhile, business users have grown accustomed to the seamless digital experiences they’ve experienced in consumer apps, and are growing to expect that the business applications they use are also  integrated from the start. The Finch-Personio partnership is an important step toward making that a reality for even more innovators.

“We’re thrilled to be working so closely with a developer friendly HR system like Personio that recognizes the importance of innovation and employer choice. Not only will our relationship give Personio customers more options, as we look to expand Finch’s international coverage, Personio will be an important partner in helping us (and, by extension, the developers who build with Finch) gain a better understanding of local markets and the nuances of building a global solution.”

Runae Lee, Head of Partnerships at Finch

How the integration works

Developers who build B2B applications with Finch can make it easy for their users to connect their Personio accounts in seconds. The process is easy: Users simply permission the Personio sync through Finch Connect, and our front-end UI that allows them to safely and securely grant data access through the use of an API token. Finch Connect can be displayed at any point in an application’s customer flow and handles credential validation, multi-factor authentication, and error handling for each system Finch supports.

Once a user has gone through the full authentication process, the application can sync real-time employment data within the user’s Personio account.

If you’re building a B2B application and want to leverage employment data to give your customers a deeply integrated product experience, sign up to get API keys today or reach out to our team with any questions.

97% of HR professionals say it’s important for your app to integrate with their employment systems

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97% of HR professionals say it’s important for your app to integrate with their employment systems

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