Oz Ruiz joins Finch’s leadership team as VP of Engineering

June 7, 2022
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Finch has added a dynamic new leader, with Oz Ruiz heading up the engineering team.

Finch has added a dynamic new leader, with Oz Ruiz heading up the engineering team.

Oz (he/him) has over 16 years of experience as a software engineer across different roles and responsibilities. Before joining Finch, he helped a subscription platform, Recharge Payments, grow their engineering team from 14 to 170+ people. He also created and ran departments for R&D, platform engineering, infrastructure, DevOps, analytics, and compliance. With his leadership skills, the company reached $2.1 billion in valuation and secured a $227 million Series B, surging 10x in size and revenue in the course of just four years.

I’m excited to do it all again—and better—with Finch. Everyone, from the founders to the engineers, are heavily invested in our organization’s success, and that gives us a solid foundation for growth. I’m looking forward to pushing Finch to the level I know it can achieve, and doing so with fantastic, highly motivated people will make it that much more satisfying.

At Finch, Oz is focused on building and overseeing a world-class engineering team. For him, that means cultivating high-velocity product teams, hiring and retaining people who care about their customers and coworkers, implementing and scaling repeatable processes, and instilling operational excellence as a core value.

A fluent Spanish speaker, Oz was born in Puerto Rico, grew up in Florida, and spent his early professional years in Denver. Recently, he moved back to the Tampa Bay area with his wife and three children to be closer to family (and prime fishing spots). If you ever see him out and about, buy him a bourbon—it’s his drink of choice.

Interested in joining Oz at Finch? We’re hiring! Head over to our careers page to check out our open positions.

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