Introducing Searchable API Logs

April 27, 2022
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Introducing searchable API logs for an enhanced developer experience.

Introducing searchable API logs for an enhanced developer experience

At Finch, we know that your success depends on the information and tools you have at your disposal. As part of our commitment to supporting that success, we’re thrilled to bring searchable API requests to the Finch dashboard.

How it works

The log is a record of every API request made by your application. Some requests may be batched with associated status codes for every individual ID or payment ID, and we expand these into their own log. We record requests with singular responses as their own.

You’ll find the event log in your Finch dashboard under the Activity tab. From there, you can search by company ID, company name, request ID, individual ID, payment ID, or Finch endpoint (e.g., directory, company, payment) and filter by payroll provider, status, and time.

Developer agency is our why

In the future, the piping we’ve built will make many more features possible — like a metrics or issues center — that offer even more reliable data capture and deeper search mechanisms.

Our goal is to empower the developers building on top of Finch. With visibility into your API usage, you’ll be equipped to troubleshoot errors, keep your team apprised of their status, properly communicate issues to your external users, and provide better service.

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