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Finch is here to help. Our unified API enables developers to integrate with 200+ HR and payroll systems. Sign up today and support UKG Ready or UKG Pro in just a few weeks.

Finch is an official UKG Connect Technology Partner

As part of the UKG Partner Network, Finch can enable advanced features and functionality to UKG® solutions through seamless API integrations.

Read data seamlessly from UKG Pro

Leverage a pre-built, validated UKG integration

Sync data every 24 hours, or on-demand

“Our partnership with Finch is designed to open up alternative paths of integration with UKG. It’s a great way for developers to get started.”

Chase Danoff
Director Partner Alliances

Build once. Unlock hundreds of HR and Payroll integrations.

Unlock 200+ integrations with one API

Our unified API was built specifically for HR and payroll systems.

Build faster with our Sandbox, SDKs, and Other Dev Tools

Finch was built to help developers build, test, and ship new integrations quickly.

Technical support at every step of the way

Our developer success team is on-call to help with implementation and support.

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