Announcing the Launch of Finch’s ATS API

October 24, 2022
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We’re excited to announce the beta launch of our new unified ATS API!

We’re excited to announce the beta launch of our new unified ATS API! Applicant tracking systems (ATS) capture the candidate lifecycle, starting at the first email interaction all the way through the offer process. The new API supports the candidate, applications, jobs, and offers data models.

Today we’re going live with our first ATS integration, Lever, a platform trusted by 5,000+ employers around the world, with additional integrations planned in the near future. The ATS API launch is one of many steps towards Finch’s ultimate goal to power talent and employment innovation via an open ecosystem.

Why ATS?

ATS houses the process and insights into an organization’s recruiting pipeline. For applications that help organizations find, hire, and close candidates, having seamless access to the data housed in ATS is core to delivering a high-impact product experience. Over the last several months, our customers have repeatedly requested access to ATS integrations as they look to expand their products to encompass the candidate lifecycle.

Finch’s ATS API provides a comprehensive view of the entire recruiting funnel broken down into four data models:

  1. Candidates — Gather basic candidate information like name and contact information.
  2. Applications — Get more detailed information about the applications a candidate has, such as the position they are applying to and the current stage of the application process.
  3. Jobs — Pull all of the job posting details an employer manages, including the associated departments and applications.
  4. Offers — View current and past offers initiated and managed through the ATS.

Unlock high-impact use cases

HRIS, Payroll, and ATS platforms capture a large portion of the employee lifecycle and are core sources of truth for people and talent teams. ATS data access unlocks deep insights into the hiring process and the upcoming changes to a growing organization.

We’re excited to support a wide range of use cases across the following categories, and more:

  1. Compensation management platforms can pull jobs and offers data to provide hiring managers and talent members key insights into compensation expectations.
  2. Candidate sourcing products that focus on driving top-of-funnel volume can track candidates through various phases of the interview process to calibrate the relevance of sourced leads.
  3. DEI solutions that help employers build more diverse and inclusive teams can capture candidate data to identify biases in the hiring process.
  4. Background check providers can track candidates at the final stage and initiate checks as soon as an offer is issued.
  5. Job boards can automatically post new jobs as they’re created and track candidates that apply through the entire process.

ATS can also be paired with Finch’s HRIS and Payroll API to track a candidate’s progression through the interview process and trajectory within the company once they start. Best of all, it’s now all available under Finch’s unified API for employment data.

Get early access

Take a look at our docs for more information about exposing ATS integrations in Finch Connect and how our ATS data models fit together.

Want to get your hands on the ATS API? Reach out to our team to get early access to our Lever integration.

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